The Luomajärven Horse Inn specializes in family vacations and horse travel

The owners of the inn offer something traditional, something borrowed but refined, and something new. The Luomajärven Horse Inn offers a luxurious experience for anyone who appreciates rustic romance, good food, rural atmosphere and relaxation, horse riding and cart rides, a quality time, sports and activity, nature and amazing wilderness tracks.

Unpretentious and comfy cuisine, clean raw ingredients and the love of food are joined in the Luomajärven Horse Inn's kitchen. Relaxation, sauna and bathing, unique chambers and fun activities will make your time unforgettable.


Luomajärvi Horse Inn is a small, family owned business, cozily located near Tampere only 66km north from Tampere Pirkkala International Airport and 240km from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. The driving route to the destination goes through traditional Finnish countryside with its fields and forests and while driving you can also get a glimpse of Mahnala, which is nationally acknowledged as traditional scenery of Central-Häme.

Luomajärvi Horse Inn itself is situated conveniently near a public road yet still enclosed by forests and fields ensuring the complete relaxation and the pureness of the nature. The buildings of the Inn reflect perfectly the rustic building style of rural Finland in the early 1800’s offering our customers the authentic, rustic environment for a relaxing country holiday.

In Luomajärvi Horse Inn we bring to the customers the values and services we ourselves feel important without forgetting each customer’s personal needs. We value the relaxing and beautiful environment with the hint of excitement brought by various activities we offer. We enjoy of the simple yet delicious food with complementing wines and our cuisine has become one of the reasons why the customers return to us year after year.

And let us not forget our large variety of fuzzy stress-relievers who also make our milieu so unforgettable to our customers. Currently our stables are occupied by fifteen horses, twelve of which are Finnhorses, two Swedish Ardenners and one Shetland’s pony. Socializing with these wonderful horses our customers can spot glimpses of one or two of our six cats, feed the lambs and bunnies in their pens during the summer time and wake-up to the natural beat of a cock-a-doodle-doo.

In Luomajärvi Horse Inn we offer you the chance to let the time slip through your fingers and concentrate on the simple joys of life. The relaxation, sauna and bathing, unique chambers and fun activities will make your time unforgettable so why not stop in for a short ride or stay and pamper yourself by spending with us the whole weekend!

We sincerely welcome you to Luomajärvi Horse Inn!


The accommodation of the Luomajärvi Horse Inn consists of six separate rooms varying in size. The rooms are equally ranked and located in a beautiful country milieu in old, logged farmhouses each renovated to contain one to two separate rooms. Each room is individually designed and decorated to emphasize the rustic spirit of the buildings and the traditional Finnish culture. The rooms are heated through electricity and are in use throughout the year. They include a small, rustic minibar and electric kettle as well as instant cocoa, tea and instant coffee. The rooms do not include wi-fi, bathrooms or showers but these amenities are located to the immediate vicinity of the rooms in the main building.

The Accommodation options

  • 1 person room 40€ / night
  • 2 person room 50€ / night
  • 3 person room 75€ / night
  • 4 person room 90€ / night
  • 6 person room 125€ /night

Meals are not always available, please ask for options!

Additional Costs and Discounts

  • 4-12 years of age – 50% of the room price
  • 4 years and under for free if they do not require their own bed
  • Travel Cot or separate child’s bed + 10 € /day
  • Single room +10 € /day
  • Sauna turn for the Inn’s Sauna: 7€/h (1 pers.), 10€/h (2 pers.), 13€/h (3-4 pers.), 15€/h (5-6 pers.), 17€/h (7-8 pers.).
  • Pets 15 € / animal per visit

Romantic Night in Granary

When you arrive, enjoy a nice bottle of sparkling wine with delicious chocolate in the soft light of candles. Wake up to the morning relaxed after sleeping in the shelter of log walls. Enjoy your breakfast served in to your room.

  • Duration: 1 night
  • Group size: 1-2 persons
  • Operated: daily on request
  • Rate: 150 eur / 1-2 person

We can also decorate the room fit for a wedding night, a birthday or an anniversary. Ask us more about our Special-package!


The cuisine of the Luomajärvi Horse Inn is both unpretentious and comfy emphasizing pure Finnish ingredients, locality and simplicity. The rustic gourmet foods are brought to the table with stout experience by the chef and owner Mika Haagmann who mixes simple Finnish flavors and combines them with the hint of rustic elements of French and Italian cuisines. Mika is responsible of executing food themed evenings and makes sure that no one leaves his restaurant whilst hungry.

The restaurant of the Luomajärvi Horse Inn is mainly open by order and is equipped with A-license of the Finnish alcohol legislation.


As the Finns are known for their appetite for sauna we in the Luomajärvi Horse Inn offer our customers the variety of two distinct saunas.

The INN’s Sauna offers our customers a glimpse of the modern day Finnish sauna equipped with an electric heater. The Harvia-heater in the secure surroundings of the sauna provides the customers pleasant and moist warmth relaxing not only the body but also the mind.

The Old Malt Sauna is already a legend. This sauna, build into a sauna as well as a drying room for malt and grain, is heated by wood and takes up to six hours to heat up. It is said that the heating up of the traditional heater is an abstruse and complicated process and that no one does it better than the master of the Inn himself. But when the heater is ready the customers can rely on the pampering heat the gentle crackle of the wood to melt their worries away. And if the heat becomes too overwhelming inside be sure to have a  glass of cool Champagne in the hot tub outside surrounded by snow and sparkling stars or the gentle, Finnish summer breeze.


In Luomajärvi Horse Inn we offer a wide variety of activities to those interested in active but relaxing country holiday. We offer  spa treatments, fitness activities, cross-country riding, skijoring, sleigh-rides, a variety of group activities.. If you don´t know yet what you were looking for please do not hesitate to contact us so we can design you the perfect country getaway!

We recommend for example

Sleight Rides and Cart Rides

The traditional ride to a lean-to in the forest is one activity favored by many. The gentle "whuss" of the sleigh, soft and pleasant tar waft, warm, felt blankets and the gentle voice of the guide will introduce you the legends of old and the almost forgotten way of life. Enjoy the gentle paced journey through picturesque landscape  of wintry Pirkanmaa, taste the open fire brewed coffee and delicious snacks and let the rhythmic stamping of hooves and gentle snorts of the big workhorse carry you with the northern wind.

Duration: 1,5 hours – 2 hours
Group size: 1-10 persons
Operated: daily on request
Rate: 60€ person/1*, 25€ person/2*, 20€ person/3-10*
*Over 12-year old participant. Children 4-12  -50% of the price, under 4 years old children free of charge.


Cross-Country Riding

The deep forests and vast field surrounding the Luomajärvi Horse Inn offer a perfect geta-way and the possibility for cross-country riding. Dive into the scenery with professional instructors ans the sure-footed Finnhorse. Listen to the quiet hum of the trees and fill your lungs with pine-scented air or admire the thousand diamonds on the snowy banks.

Duration: 2,5 hours
Group size:1-6 persons (children must be over 12 years old)
Operated: daily on request
Price: 100€/pers.(1-2participant), 87,50€/pers. (3participant), 75€/pers. (4-6 participant)



Near Luomajärvi Horse Inn there are also other places worth to visit. Below you can find few examples we recommend you visit while staying with us.


Definitely a place worth visiting! Located about 10km from the Luomajärvi Horse Inn is the beautiful area of Jämi-ridge and the Jämi activity center. The high ridge area with the surrounding forests offer the customers interested of out-door activities the perfect setting. The activities offered by the Jämi- center vary from fishing expeditions to canoeing or from guided hiking tours to ATV safaris. The small enterprises of the center ensure that you can have as active holiday as you can imagine. So why not pop in to the Jämi-café to enjoy a steaming cup of coco or a frosty pint of ale or try your skill in cross-country skiing in the Skiing Tunnel of Jämijärvi where there is snow all year round!

Check out the activities at

Ti-Ti- Nalle’s home

The Ti-Ti- Nalle family is bear family embedded deeply to the Finnish children’s hearts. This charming family of cute and huggable teddy bears has amused Finnish children and their families for years and they have become very popular with their music and instructive stories. The house of these friendly teddies is located in the area of the Hotel-Spa Rantasipi Ikaalinen about 12km from the Luomajärvi Horse Inn and is a must-see attraction for the small ones in the family.

See more of the Ti-Ti-Nalle’s House on their website   


The tropic of Hotel-Spa Rantasipi Ikaalinen

The Hotel-Spa Rantasipi Ikaalinen is a Finnish spa with standing and loved traditions. So if you wish to pamper yourself in a Jacuzzi or enjoy the assuredly warm waters of an indoor pool stop by to the spa and taste the tropical feel of their spa-department.

More details in their website 


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